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WeedFundit provides financing and investment capital for start-up and existing cannabis and hemp companies.  Apply today!

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We have been in the lending business for more than two decades, and our review process is orginized and much faster than traditional banks or financing orginizations that you may have dealt with before.

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We all have the same goal, and that is to get your loan through our system and approved as soon as possible so you can start growing your business.  We are proactive, professional and organized with our approval process.

Funding You Need

We understand the challenges of growing your legal cannabis or hemp related business, without traditional financing offered by banks.  That is why we have come up with a certified funding network that you can use. 

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Over 100 Million in Available Funds

Ready to Finance Your Growth

Our funding network consist of some of the largest family office funds and private investors involved in the legal cannabis and hemp industry.  We will facilitate the financing you need, because we know how successful you can be if you have the Land, Commercial Warehouse or Processing Equipment neccassary to grow your business, brand and product line.

Over 100 Million in Funds

"Starting a new business is daunting enough even without all of the complexity of financing our growth. Having WeedFundit taking care of that for us, was a big weight lifted off of my shoulders."

Jane S.

CEO & Founder of a new outdoor grow facility in Southern Colorado

“The WeedFundit team helped me quickly process the necassary loan docs for financing more extraction equiptment, but they also provided priceless guidance on the best way to build out my grow facility.”

John M.

Co-Founder & CFO of  newly purchase indoor grow facility in Colorado.

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